About the Straight Up P2P Team

Straight Up P2P is your go-to group of peer-to-peer fundraising experts, including fundraisers, marketers, participants, consultants, and team leaders. We love to share ideas and tips on how you can elevate your crowdfundraising efforts and get the most return for your cause.

Jennifer Guerra Jennifer Guerra began her career in IT but wanted to find a way to use those skills for good. She has worked with non-profits for nearly a decade, specializing in peer-to-peer fundraising and strategic implementation, and is grateful for her experience working with such amazing customers.

Jennifer recently returned to her hometown of Sumter, SC, where she resides on a small farm with her husband and a growing family of rescue animals.
Kathryn Hall   Kathryn Hall began building web-based applications in 1996, and has worked with nonprofits in this capacity since 2005. Through roles as a consultant, solutions engineer and customer success manager at Blackbaud, she’s come to frame her role as a “software therapist”, helping individuals and organizations have the best possible relationship with technology. She’s worked with leading international nonprofits and Fortune 500 ecommerce and telecommunications companies developing and implementing web strategies.
Robyn Mendez   Robyn Mendez is a peer-to-peer fundraising rock star. Over the last 15 years, she’s done everything from setting up pop-up tents in the rain to deploying multi-national fundraising websites. She has a passion for using technology to raise money and believes that the collective few have the power to change the world.

Robyn lives in Houston, TX with her husband, 2 kids and french bulldog.
Jen Peters   Jennifer Peters combines her knowledge and nonprofit experience to help customers maximize their fundraising potential with Blackbaud Luminate TeamRaiser. Jennifer loves learning how her client’s harness peer-to-peer fundraising with traditional and third party events.

When she’s not working, Jennifer can be found either in her garden, on a hiking trail or walking her three dogs with her husband at one of the nearby dog beaches in the Seattle area.
_Tammy Radencic   Tammy Radencic has more than a decade of experience in providing nonprofits with both strategic and technical fundraising guidance. Tammy is passionate about the Blackbaud nonprofits that she assists and has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to scale revenue and retention growth while helping organizations think outside the box by implementing DIY and Crowdfunding solutions.

She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and 7 year old son.