Have you seen some of the new ads my Team has put together to help drive awareness of the power and promise of peer-to-peer fundraising? 



The one pictured here featuring an older woman, let’s call her Phyllis, is one of my favorites and I will tell you why in the form of a caption:

“Phyllis – pictured here after donating her 87th birthday to her favorite cause – is a crowdfundraising rockstar #P2P #RockOnPhyllis”

Phyllis represents everything peer-to-peer or crowdfundraising is about: making fundraisers out of the masses. It isn’t just about the marathon runners and fun-run participants anymore – it’s about unlocking the super-supporter within us all. With a dash of creativity and a proper DIY program in place, it’s just as easy and important now to empower both the young and the young at heart.