You don’t always know why people choose to fundraise on behalf of your organization. Are they moved by your mission? Do they have a special connection to your organization? Are they showing up to attend a new event because someone asked? By discovering this information in advance, you can leverage it to improve fundraising through your peer-to-peer campaigns. Join Peer-to-Peer Specialist Shana Masterson to learn how you can make this work for your organization. We’ll explore tips, tricks, and see real world examples of these strategies in action.

September 12th
Host: Shana Masterson

P2P Strategy Masterclass: Using “Connection to Cause” to Your Advantage
Tuesday September 12th| 1:00 p.m. ET

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Charlotte Woodward

Charlotte Woodward

Demand Generation Marketer at Blackbaud
After graduating from the College of Charleston in 2013, Charlotte joined the Blackbaud family right out of school. She really enjoys connecting with nonprofits and their missions, and developing content that powers social good.
Charlotte Woodward